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Frankenstein vs. Dracula (2024)

Storyline Frankenstein vs. Dracula (2024)

In this epic horror crossover film, two of literature's most iconic monsters come face to face in a battle of good versus evil. Dr. Victor Frankenstein, a brilliant and ambitious scientist, creates a horrifying creature in his laboratory. But when the creature goes on a murderous rampage, Frankenstein must join forces with the vampire Count Dracula to stop the monster before it destroys everything in its path.

As Frankenstein and Dracula team up to confront the creature, they must also overcome their own personal demons and dark pasts. With thrilling action sequences, chilling special effects, and intense performances, "Frankenstein vs. Dracula" is a pulse-pounding horror showdown that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats. Will the forces of darkness prevail, or will the unlikely allies be able to defeat the monster and save humanity from destruction?

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