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Pignorant (2024)

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"Pignorant Director" is a powerful documentary directed by animal rights activist Joey Carbstrong. The film follows Carbstrong as he investigates the cruel practices of the pig farming industry and exposes the harsh realities faced by these intelligent and sentient beings.

Through undercover footage and interviews with industry insiders, Carbstrong sheds light on the inhumane treatment of pigs, including overcrowded living conditions, routine mutilations without anesthesia, and brutal slaughter methods.

As Carbstrong delves deeper into the industry, he uncovers the psychological toll that this work takes on the workers involved, leading to an exploration of the ethical implications of supporting such a system.

"Pignorant Director" is a thought-provoking and eye-opening look at the hidden truths of the pig farming industry and the impact it has on animals, workers, and society as a whole. With Carbstrong’s passionate advocacy for animal rights at its core, this film challenges viewers to consider the ethical consequences of their food choices and the importance of compassion for all living beings.

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