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Arthur's Whisky (2024)

Storyline Arthur's Whisky (2024)

Arthur's Whisky is a heartwarming drama about a man named Arthur who inherits a struggling whisky distillery from his father. Despite having little knowledge or interest in the business, Arthur is determined to turn things around and make his father proud.

As he delves into the world of whisky making, Arthur faces numerous challenges, including competition from larger distilleries and resistance from the local community. With the help of his dedicated team and a newfound passion for the craft, Arthur starts to see success and gains the respect of those around him.

However, just as things are starting to look up, a shady businessman sets his sights on the distillery, threatening to destroy everything Arthur has worked so hard to build. Will Arthur be able to protect his family's legacy and save the distillery, or will it all slip through his fingers?

Directed by Stephen Cookson, Arthur's Whisky is a tale of determination, family legacy, and the power of pursuing one

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