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BhamaKalapam 2 (2024)

Storyline BhamaKalapam 2 (2024)

"BhamaKalapam 2" is a sequel to the hit Telugu comedy film "BhamaKalapam". Directed by Abhimanyu Tadimeti, the film follows the hilarious misadventures of a group of friends as they navigate through various comical situations.

The film features a stellar cast including popular actors and comedians, who bring their signature humor and comic timing to the screen. The plot revolves around a wedding celebration that goes awry, leading to a series of laugh-out-loud moments and misunderstandings.

As the friends try to fix the chaos they've caused, they find themselves in even more ridiculous situations, leading to uproarious laughter and non-stop entertainment for the audience.

With its witty dialogue, eccentric characters, and slapstick humor, "BhamaKalapam 2" promises to be a riotous comedy that will leave viewers in stitches from start to finish.

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