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Land of Bad (2024)

Storyline Land of Bad (2024)

Land of Bad Director follows the story of a down-and-out film director named James who is given one final chance to redeem himself. Desperate to prove his worth, James travels to a remote island where he is tasked with creating a low-budget horror film. However, as production begins, James quickly realizes that the island holds dark secrets and that he may have gotten more than he bargained for.

As the crew members mysteriously disappear one by one and unexplained events plague the set, James must confront his own demons and battle against forces beyond his control. With time running out and his sanity hanging in the balance, James must unravel the mystery of the island before it consumes him completely.

Land of Bad Director is a gripping psychological thriller that blurs the lines between reality and fiction, exploring the destructive power of ambition and the lengths one will go to for redemption. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker William Eubank, this film takes viewers on a twisted journey into the heart of darkness, where nothing is as it seems and the true horror lies within.

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