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The Third Parent (2024)

Storyline The Third Parent (2024)

"The Third Parent" follows the story of a young couple who, after struggling with infertility, decide to pursue adoption. They are overjoyed when they are selected by a birth mother who is due to give birth to a baby girl. However, their joy turns to heartbreak when the birth mother goes missing, leaving the couple with no legal rights to the baby.

Desperate to keep their newfound daughter, the couple turns to a mysterious woman who offers to help them navigate the murky waters of adoption. As they delve deeper into this woman's world, they begin to realize that she may not have their best interests at heart.

Through twists and turns, the couple must uncover the truth about the woman known as "The Third Parent" and fight to keep their family intact. Directed by David Michaels, "The Third Parent" is a gripping thriller that explores the lengths people will go to in order to become parents.

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