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God & Country (2024)

Storyline God & Country (2024)

"God & Country" follows the story of John, a devoutly religious man who enlists in the military in order to serve his country and defend his beliefs. As he navigates the challenges and moral dilemmas of war, John's faith is put to the ultimate test. As he struggles to reconcile his beliefs with the harsh realities of combat, John must find a way to stay true to himself while also fulfilling his duty to his country.

Directed by Dan Partland, "God & Country" delves into the complex intersection of religion and patriotism, raising questions about the nature of sacrifice, duty, and personal conviction. Through John's journey, the film explores the timeless themes of faith, freedom, and the human cost of war. Along the way, John must confront his own demons and ultimately discover what it truly means to serve both God and country.

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