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The Bad Shepherd (2024)

Storyline The Bad Shepherd (2024)

"The Bad Shepherd" follows the story of a highly successful and charismatic pastor named John who seems to have it all - a thriving church, a loving family, and a loyal congregation. However, when a series of scandals rock his community and threaten to expose his dark secrets, John's world begins to unravel.

As he tries to maintain his pristine image, John must navigate through lies, betrayal, and corruption within his own church. His once loyal followers begin to question his motives and his family starts to crumble under the weight of his deceit.

Directed by Geo Santini, "The Bad Shepherd" is a gripping drama that explores the fine line between faith and manipulation, and the consequences of living a life built on lies. Can John redeem himself and find redemption, or will he be forever known as the shepherd who led his flock astray?

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