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Bonhoeffer: Holy Traitor (2025)

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"Bonhoeffer: Holy Traitor" is a biographical film that follows the life and legacy of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German theologian and pastor who valiantly resisted the Nazi regime during World War II. Directed by Spencer Folmar, the film explores Bonhoeffer's commitment to standing up against injustice and his involvement in the plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler.

As Bonhoeffer struggles with his faith and moral convictions in the face of overwhelming evil, he becomes a symbol of courage and resistance in the darkest of times. Through archival footage, interviews, and dramatic reenactments, "Bonhoeffer: Holy Traitor" paints a powerful portrait of a man who sacrificed everything for his beliefs, ultimately paying the ultimate price for his defiance.

This gripping and emotional film is a tribute to Bonhoeffer's remarkable bravery and unwavering commitment to peace, justice, and human dignity. "Bonhoeffer: Holy Traitor" is a captivating and inspiring story of one man's extraordinary faith and courage in the midst of tremendous adversity.

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