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Holy Rosita (2024)

Storyline Holy Rosita (2024)

"Holy Rosita" is a dark comedy film directed by Wannes Destoop. The story follows Rosita, a devoutly religious woman who works in a small Belgian town as a cleaner at a church. Despite her strong faith, Rosita is struggling to make ends meet and is dealing with a series of personal crises.

When a series of unexplained miracles begin happening at the church, Rosita becomes convinced that she is the cause of these supernatural events. As word spreads about Rosita's supposed powers, the town becomes engulfed in a frenzy of religious fervor and chaos.

As Rosita grapples with her newfound celebrity and the consequences of her actions, she must confront the true nature of her faith and the impact it has on those around her. "Holy Rosita" is a satirical and thought-provoking exploration of faith, miracles, and the power of belief.

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